Preventative maintenance for your Sub-Zero appliances

Preventative maintenance is recommended annually for all Sub-Zero appliances. Regular preventative maintenance can extend the lifespan of your appliances and help avoid the need for more costly service calls as problems may be corrected before they develop into something serious.

Preventative Maintenance service includes:

  • cleaning the condenser area
  • checking the drain & trough
  • checking & cleaning the drain pan
  • checking the drain pan heater
  • checking door cams, hinges, & gaskets
  • checking the lights & fans
  • checking the icemaker (if applicable)

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Do Wolf or Cove appliances need preventative service?

Generally, no. Preventative maintenance is recommended for Sub-Zero appliances because of their refrigerated nature. Wolf and Cove appliances don’t usually need regular service. However, if you have any concerns or would like your Wolf and/or Cove appliances checked out, your technician can of course do that as an add-on while on-site for preventative maintenance or any other service call.

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